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How to apply table calculation filter to other sheet

      A dimension or measure filter can use in different sheet which give convenience to tableu end user by applying option.

      But sometimes user want filter based on a table calculation such as only show % of total more than 5% by sub-category or by state. But you can't apply filter to 2 different sheets because table calculation based on current sheet.

      Do we have to create filter on each sheet? NO WAY. We can use a parameter to fix it.
      First we create a table calculation:
      % of Total: SUM([Sales]) / TOTAL(SUM([Sales]))
      Then we create a parameter:

      We create another calculated field to use this parameter:
      % of Total Filter: [% of Total]>=[% of Total Parameter]
      Then we drag it to filter and choose "True" and choose "Show Parameter Control".

      Then the sheet will only sub-category whose % of total equal or more than 6%.

      Then we duplicate this sheet and replace sub-category with state. Same rules apply to this sheet. Then put 2 sheets into a dashboard, when you change parameter, 2 sheet will change based on the value.

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