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Keep interest on top show with set action

    If we have many records to be shown on a screen, we always want to see our interested record can be on top. We can use set action to achieve this.

    We use "Sample - Superstore" data to build a dashboard with map and detail, and sort the states by sales as below:

    What we want is when we click a state on map, this state will be on top of list no matter how small its sales number.

    We need create a calculated field called Sort by Set for this purpose: If a state is selected, then we assign it a very big number as sales number to make it biggest while other state keep same as before.

IF [State set] THEN 999999999

ELSE [Sales]


    Then we create a state set.

    Then go to dashboard and add a set action.

    We make some settings as below:

    In setting, if you want add more states on top, then you can uncheck "Run on single select only" and choose "Add values to set", keep other setting same.

    Now if you click on any state, it will be shown on top of list.

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